The Temple of Tease

The Temple of Tease began as a collaborative residency with Melanie Bonajo at MILK 2015, in the red light district of Amsterdam. This controversial setting lent itself to the themes we were exploring, that of female empowerment through embodied knowledge of menstrual cycles, sexual liberation through physiological understanding, group sharing circles, and challenging performance events.

Later The Temple of Tease was commissioned by Onomatopee Gallery to produce an interactive performance in the form of Priestess Pussylicious, who paraded the streets of Eindhoven dressed as a vulva, nibbling on a cucumber; while inviting people to have a hug, or otherwise converse on the intimacies of the human engagements with vulva’s.


This work was greatly influenced by the culture of ‘sex positive space’ I was exposed to for some years; experiences which I was drawn to, in part because of my own (then) lack of boundaries between sex, intimacy, friendship and abuse. Through extensive somatic healing, psychological processing and study of the context of my being a woman within patriarchal structures, I have come to a new perspective on how to approach the issues of sexual liberation and human intimacy, than when I made this project. At some point I will make a video unpacking the complexity of my journey, and transformation of consciousness and understanding.

In short, I am grateful for the experience, but the new me wouldn’t have made this performance!