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…a deft left field explorer of tunes, wordplays and the ways of humans.

John Hegley
Vocal Dance
The Pussy Tutorials

I was laughing so hard, I forgot my phone, my handbag, and my hot date.

Melanie Bonajo
Temple of Ease
“I had to cry when you sang so sweetly and honestly.” – audience
Ceremony for the Earth

A Spontaneously unique force of nature!

Brett Perkins
The Future Circus
Incubate – 2015
Penguins to the Rescue!
I also make collages
Training with Root Experience
Dancing Robot Friend
Radio Host
The Pussy Tutorials
I write about 13SkinS project in this radical woman’s magazine AEVA.
Dancing in the street!
Musical Massage
Priestess Pussylicious
Ceremony for the Earth

 Izabella has a real talent for drawing in an audience or workshop group, helping them feel comfortable and included in the experience, and then throwing some artistic curveball!

Jessica Cheetham – Spun Glass Theatre
re-enchanting the world
Radio Host – Short Film – Radio Voorwaarts (2018)
Secret Robot – By Melanie Bonajo
The Psychedelic Kidnap Experience
Temple of Tease

Iza Finch should be given more than an inch.

John Hegley
The Psychedelic Kidnap – Vaults Festival 2014
Temple of Ease
Making Immersive Theatre with Kids is the most fun!
5 Skins-project – with BodaSoma
The future is in our hands.
Imagine the unimaginable