MUD – BodaSoma

The Earth does not belong to us, we belong to the Earth.

Chief Seattle-letter/speech made to colonialists in America


Boda: ‘marriage’ in Spanish

Soma: ‘body’ Ancient Greek

Boudica: female revolutionary

MUD was an improvised theatre performance devised through an immersive, somatic exploration of the raw materials of water & soil. This profound engagement with life-giving forces, unearthed our profound relationship with the human story of power-over nature, colonialism, competition & the repression of the feminine aspect of people’s character & indeed the oppression of women as the physical embodiment of the sacred feminine.

This complex, non-linear narrative was presented through vocal utterings, physical fights, dynamic expressions of myriad emotion, ritual movement, naked honesty & clown.

The duet completed a residency at Exeter Northcott Theatre, & decided to discontinue the project until our psyche, artistry & womanhood had matured enough to present the profundity & true magnitude of the subject matters we were addressing, with reverence & dignity.

BodaSoma – company name formed by iZA & Rosalind Holgate-Smith