“The chances that I carry the trauma of a woman who witnessed her mother burn at the stake, or otherwise humiliated, tortured, treated as a scapegoat in her community, is pretty high. The chance that that mother’s knowledge, handed down for millennia, word-of-mouth, also runs deep in my DNA, is also highly likely. This is what I am here for. I am here to remember that knowledge, by listening to the women who spoke to that mother who died. That mother who died because of her power, courage, healing knowledge, intelligence and leadership within her community. The time is now, for these women’s voices to be heard. All those embodied insecurities women carry, and we blame our childhood…where do you think that anxious inclination was seeded in the first instance? hundreds, if not thousands f years of oppression, take their toll on bodies. And still, it is possible to rise again from the ashes. Revenge is not justice, but justice is necessary for genuine, heart-felt forgiveness in my womb. I may forgive, but I will never forget. “