singer-songwriter – performance maker – somatic movement educator – artist


Somatic Emancipation for Every Body.
Re-enchantment of Life to Re-imagine a soulful world into being.


I am a multi-disciplinary performance maker, using song, dance, comedy & immersive interactions to encourage audiences to feel connected to the themes I’m offering, question the status-quo & be touched deeply.

My work bridges alternative to mainstream culture, with wit & honesty; aiming to inspire wildly enchanted embodiment & compassionate action for social & environmental change.

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My practice oscillates between devising participatory performance and workshop facilitation, to solo movement/songwriting and visual art-making; the latter is introvert and the former extrovert in its making process. This rhythm of expanding and condensing, growth and hibernation, reflects my commitment to investigating the natural world as inspiration for creative purpose and aesthetic, and of recognising ourselves (ourcells) as integral elements within the rhythms of organic life; by embodying the life-death-life cycle of nature.  

Since graduating from Dartington College of Arts BA Choreography with Textual Practices in 2011, I’ve intuitively explored varying performing arts styles; street/immersive theatre, stand-up comedy, somatic movement and song-making. Most recently I’ve filtered and refined my arts practice, bringing the core elements of embodiment, environmental / biological awareness and storytelling through song / spoken word, to produce experimental music-dance films under the pseudonym LyraMoira.  

This is a breakthrough moment for me as an artist. Using the format of film invites an integration of my diverse skillset in dance, songwriting/singing, choreography, storytelling and visual art. I am excited by this new development, and curious how the style of LyraMoira’s sound and aesthetic will evolve.  

My outreach work as an educator remains integral to my making process, hence my collaboration with Kay Michael of ‘Letters to the Earth’ in the creation of nature-connection mythic storytelling workshops for kids; my ongoing singing and creative dance clubs for 0-14 years in London, and my somatic movement research with Rosalind Holgate-Smith. 

In 2023 I will graduate with MA Creative Education: Making Learning from Plymouth College of Arts. Currently on a sabbatical, I am researching and developing a learning model 13skins, which describes humans and all of organic life to be intimately interconnected like family, hence ‘kin’; a perception of life that I seek to thread through all my artwork, in making, performing and collaboration. 

photo: Boris Austin